Mahindra International School's

Model United Nations Conference
(9th to 10th April 2021)




Since 2007, MIS MUN (formerly known as MBIS MUN) has continued to grow stronger and promises to make this year's conference even better; evolving from an after-school activity to an entity of its own.


You will learn how to approach and solve international conflicts peacefully. Over the conference, one will learn the invaluable debating, negotiating and diplomacy skills.

A Global Perspective

MUN embodies not only the Learner Profiles, but exemplifies what it means to be a global citizen. MISMUN provides a platform for students of different nationalities to share their insights and passion regarding international affairs.


We encourage delegates to debate over issues as well as unwind and relax at our Social Night. Our Social Night will guarantee a fun and enjoyable night with music, dancing and food!

Conference Schedule

Conference Schedule


Welcome to Mahindra International School Model United Nations! MIS MUN is an annual conference hosted by Mahindra International School to promote debate and critical thinking among the student community. Due to COVID-19, MIS MUN would be going fully virtual this year!

MIS MUN 2021’s aim is to bring forth to the world young leaders who are aware and agile about international issues that affect the globe as a whole. It is targeted at students from the ages of 12-16 as well as first-timers in MUN and serves as a basis for them to start their own MUN journey.


-Reconstructing the ministry of magic after the Battle of Hogwarts
-Measures to eradicate domestic violence and femicide  

-Representation of the LGBTQ+ community in the workplace 

-Sustainably reducing economic nationalism in the interest of free trade

-Measures to counter unemployment, especially due to COVID-19

-Measures to counter the side effects of the trade war between China and the USA

-The situation of the Exclusive Economic Zones [EEZ] in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea
-COVID-19 and its implications for disarmament

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Research Guides

Rules Of Procedure


Who Are We?

The Secretariat
Junhui Lee, Secretary General

Shraddha Gupta, Deputy Secretary General

Hi, I am Shraddha Gupta and I am the deputy secretary general of MISMUN. This is my first conference at MISMUN and I am very excited for this opportunity. MUN is always a great way to learn about procedure, having a platform to speak and get over fears of public speaking. Over the last year all of us have gained analytical and critical thinking skills, have developed problem- solving skills as well; and now we are all exhilarated to have this conference!

The Chairs
Sharwari Khare (GA 1, Chair)
Prisha Kapoor (GA 1, co-chair)
Anjali Kumaran (HRC, Chair)
Aahana Katti (HRC, co-chair)
Savera Shah (FIC, Chair)
Ania Gupta (FIC, co-chair)
Ishika Reddy Adapa (ECOSOC, Chair)
Rishabh Goenka (ECOSOC, co-chair)

Junhui Lee (Secretary General)

Email: junhuil2022@misp.org

Shraddha Gupta (Deputy Secretary General)

Email: shraddhag2024@misp.org